Remembering Aiyana Stanley-Jones

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In the summer of 2010, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the US Social Forum in Detroit with Generation Justice. I was 16. While there, I remember hearing a story I would never forget, the story of Aiyana

What Mainstream Media isn’t Asking: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches?

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In the weeks since the Charleston Massacre, at least six predominantly Black churches have been set on fire across the South. Mainstream media has been awfully quiet about these acts of terror. This should not come as a surprise, as

The Corporate Media Straightjacket

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In the past year, I’ve woken up to the lies corporate media presents about me and my community. I’m learning how to deconstruct corporate media’s scripts and analyze its “facts.” I question if the corporate narrative represents our community. I’m

6.14.2015 Voting Rights Panel [Radio]

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In this program, we explore what the historical struggle for voting rights looks like, and what we’re still struggling for here in New Mexico. We will be sharing audio from the recent Voter’s Rights Panel hosted by Congresswoman Michelle Lujan

6.7.2015 Women on the Move Awards [Radio]

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In this program, we celebrate powerful women in our community by bringing you audio from this year’s Women on the Move Awards, presented by YWCA Middle Rio Grande. Listen in to hear the speeches and awards presentations in their entirety,

How Water Helped Me Grow

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Melissa and I are standing in KOB’s studio, and there’s footage rolling of Nuestro Rio’s Youth Leadership Group in a raft, splashing and speeding down the Colorado River. There’s waves propelling them forward, and waves sloshing back onto their raft,

Are We Using Too Much Water?

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By: Jakia Fuller I feel it is important we all pay close attention to what is happening with the our water. We have a finite amount of it, yet we are using it as if we have unlimited amounts. Many

5.17.15 – Community Announcements [Radio]

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In this program, we honor our community by sharing information on issues and upcoming events happening around town. From cultural events, policy forums, and opportunities for young people, this hour has it all!   Production Team Hosts: Christina Rodriguez, Jakia

5.3.15 Wake Self and DJ Young Native [Radio]

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Listen to the performances put on by local artists Wake Self and DJ Young Native. We had an incredible in-depth conversation and were fortunate enough to share exclusive content. We also premiered live performances from their upcoming album! Hosts: Christina