11.2.14 Election [Radio]

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What’s on this year’s ballot? And which races are most going to impact our state moving forward?  New Mexico news and politics blogger Joe Monahan explained the importance of Tuesday’s election. Also, attorney and political analyst Laura Sanchez shared her

Become a Conscious People!

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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has died down in popularity among U.S. mainstream media outlets, however the conflict is far from over. Josh Ruebner is the American author of Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace, which was published in September

I am Chicana…

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“Embracing Chicana as my identity means that I will not comply and sit quietly inside of the racist box that has been created to overgeneralize and segregate my people.” On October 5th, 2014, Generation Justice aired a radio show that

Exploring Journalism and Justice


Kent Paterson is an investigative journalist who documents stories that are overwhelmingly honest, and have created a lasting impact on my perspective. He has written about police militarization, institutionalized injustice, disappearances, uprisings, poverty, and femicide on both sides of the

A Taste of Social Justice Journalism

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“This work has to be supported by the community.” – Kent Paterson Christina Rodriguez and I had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with Kent Paterson, who is an incredibly inspiring journalist. He has been working through the framework of

10.26.14 – Youth, Elections, and Mental Health [Radio]

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Where do you see yourself in four years? What policies or positions will impact your future? This show features, OLE’s Andrea Serrano discussing the importance of youth being involved in the electoral process. We also hear from young people about

Generation Justice speaks with UNM students about education and voting [Video]

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Generation Justice speaks to students on the University of New Mexico campus on the issues of education and about getting involved in the electoral process.

10.19.14 – Occupation and Resistance [Radio]

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This show features voices discussing occupation and resistance. First, we hear from Josh Ruebner, Policy Director for the U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation. Ruebner sits down with Pauly Denetclaw to discusses his new book Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to

Indigenous Peoples Tour of UNM [Video]

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As part of Indigenous Resistance Week, local activists organized and marched in the Indigenous Peoples Tour of UNM, which aimed to highlight the university’s complicity in conquest, colonization, and the ongoing erasure of Indigenous Peoples. Participants called for the abolition of