A Train Ride [Blog]

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By Jason Fuller: Joe Torres is a columnist and activist within Washington D.C., and through his employer Free Press, he fights relentlessly for media reform and equality. Joe’s approach is centered on creating a culture of media awareness. He was inspired

3.16.14 Hembras de Pluma [Radio]

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Sunday March 16th, 2014, Generation Justice featured Hembras de Pluma, a collective of women artists who have come together to present personal stories of childhood, growing older, loss, love, grief and joy. They joined Generation Justice on Sunday to talk

A Freer Press [Blog]

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By Pauly Denetclaw:I was once chained to the idea that I wasn’t a journalist until the giants in media gave me a byline. Only they could determine if I was “objective” enough or a “strong” enough writer. I believed they

3.9.14 Palestine [Radio]

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March 10th to 15th, 2014 is Israeli Apartheid week at UNM. Jadd Mustafa and Bradley Conway of Students for Justice in Palestine talk about the planned events and why they became involved. International Studies and Economics major Reem Jaber also

3.2.14 Art and Activism [Radio]

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ART Is ACTIVISM!  Producer Luna Olavarria Gallegos looks at the connection between Art and Activism. We’ll hear from Alina Tavares Shelly and Alma Olavarria Gallegos, about their interview with the Panamanian duo Los Rakas. The show also features Nationally recognized

Working My Way Up [Blog]

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By Pauly Denetclaw:“You are not going to have it all figured out by the time you’re 25.” “You have to do well in the same standard as everyone else.”“Be patient, always be patient.”These are all quotes from Doug Mitchell who

Los Rakas Interview [Blog]

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By Alma Olavarria GallegosOn September 21, 2013 in Red River, New Mexico, my friend Alina Taveras Shelley and I saw Los Rakas, an Oakland hip hop band with members of Panamanian heritage.  Alina and I were able to talk with

Brother Ali on Art and Activism [Video]

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On September 17, 2013 Generation Justice Fellow Jason Fuller interviewed hip-hop artist and activist Brother Ali at the Southwest Organizing Project’s Feed the Hood Community Farm. They discussed the connections between art and activism.

Generation Justice Speaks with I Self Devine [Video]

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Generation Justice member Markus Beruman interviewed hip-hop artist and activist I Self Devine on September 17th, 2013 at the Southwest Organizing Project’s Feed the Hood Community Farm.