Clear Skies and Open Hearts [Blog]

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To me, love seems like a force that can manifest in any direction that your imagination desires. To me, love is creativity.Walking through the gravel up the Railyards, I could breathe in the smell of green chile roasting and hear

#CelebratingLove and Celebrating Personal Strength [Blog]

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If there’s anything that I’ve learned about love, since I began working with Generation Justice, it’s the importance of believing and acting upon love as a source of empowerment.On September 14th, a group of Generation Justice members attended the “Celebrating

#GJLove: Celebrating Love! [Video]

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Celebrating Love Event RE-EDIT from Generation Justice on Vimeo.On September 14th 2014, the Native Health Initiative (NHI) hosted an event to celebrate love the Rail Yards Market. The purpose was to have people reflect on how love can work as

10.5.14 – Freedom Summer and Chican@ Identity [Radio]

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In 1964, more than 700 students from around the country joined organizers and locals in Mississippi to demand rights for black voters. Fifty years later, hundreds gathered to recognize the accomplishments of Freedom Summer and to talk about ways to

50 Years of Fighting for Human Dignity [Blog]

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By: Cecilia FrescasIt was 8am in Jackson, Mississippi. I had been traveling for the past twenty-four hours, with only three of those hours dedicated to sleep. It was hot and humid, and I was tired from carrying around all the

No Longer Mexican, Not Just American, Now Chican@ [Blog]

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For as long as I can remember, I have been Chicana, yet, I have always grappled with understanding what exactly that means. From a young age my parents instilled a Chicano pride in me: “We are Chicanos,” nothing less and

9.28.14 – People’s Climate March [Radio]

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How could mainstream news outlets fail to cover history’s largest climate march? In fact, according to a Media Matters study, the Sunday shows on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox spent only a combined 27 minutes on the topic of climate

Radio Experience: My First Time Hosting!

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On Sunday, August 24th, I had my very first experience co-hosting for the Generation Justice Radio Show. The content of the show included a discussion on police brutality and the militarization of police departments in the United States. Because of

9.21.14 – UNM Dream Team [Radio]

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Obama’s delayed announcement on immigration forces millions of immigrants to live under the threat of deportation for at least 60 more days. What toll does this uncertainty take on day to day life? Generation Justice was joined by the UNM