This is Our Ballot

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“This is our ballot,” I said to my son and niece. I brought them with me to vote for the bond issues and City Council election on October 8, 2015. “They’re asking if we want to spend money on parks,

6.14.2015 Voting Rights Panel [Radio]

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In this program, we explore what the historical struggle for voting rights looks like, and what we’re still struggling for here in New Mexico. We will be sharing audio from the recent Voter’s Rights Panel hosted by Congresswoman Michelle Lujan

Give Us Some Applause Today! NMActNow!

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Generation Justice presents NMActNow, combining traditional and digital forms of mobilizing to catalyze young Native, Latino, and Black voices to action. This is our proposed project for the Knight Foundation News Challenge. Check out the project and give us some applause!

The Potential of Politics

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The election results from last Tuesday exemplify how a combination of money and cynicism can transform our country overnight. 3.67 billion dollars went into this year’s midterm elections – a new all-time high. The trouble is, behind all the advertisements and

11.2.14 Election [Radio]

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What’s on this year’s ballot? And which races are most going to impact our state moving forward?  New Mexico news and politics blogger Joe Monahan explained the importance of Tuesday’s election. Also, attorney and political analyst Laura Sanchez shared her

Two Big Reasons Why You Should Vote

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Once again, the signs of election time are upon us: the endless reruns of political commercials, the people knocking on your door, and the posters and billboards littered around the city. So many young adults have seen the constant ads

10.26.14 – Youth, Elections, and Mental Health [Radio]

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Where do you see yourself in four years? What policies or positions will impact your future? This show features, OLE’s Andrea Serrano discussing the importance of youth being involved in the electoral process. We also hear from young people about

Generation Justice speaks with UNM students about education and voting [Video]

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Generation Justice speaks to students on the University of New Mexico campus on the issues of education and about getting involved in the electoral process.

10.5.14 – Freedom Summer and Chican@ Identity [Radio]

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In 1964, more than 700 students from around the country joined organizers and locals in Mississippi to demand rights for black voters. Fifty years later, hundreds gathered to recognize the accomplishments of Freedom Summer and to talk about ways to