Little Feet Walk Loud: Quinn Anderson [Video]

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Generation Justice Youth Producer Quinn Anderson reflects on what he learned about early childhood development through the “Little Feet Walk Loud” training. Quinn talks about why early childhood development is a social justice issue, he addresses the lack of funding in New Mexico, and also share what he wants for his children in the future.

1.22.12 – Legislative Session [Radio]

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Generation Justice was at the 2012 Legislative Session on January 17th, 2012 for Youth and Children Day!

Generation Justice Youth Producers had the opportunity to speak with Representative Rick Miera, and Senator Linda Lopez about education reform and more.

Step Up to the Plate [Blog]

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Every day, 50 students in New Mexico dropout. One of these high school dropouts could be sitting on either side of you, or scattered throughout the room. One may be a parent, or a brother. High school dropout affects all of us, no matter creed, or race. It also happens to be on the rise countrywide.