3.9.14 Palestine [Radio]

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March 10th to 15th, 2014 is Israeli Apartheid week at UNM. Jadd Mustafa and Bradley Conway of Students for Justice in Palestine talk about the planned events and why they became involved. International Studies and Economics major Reem Jaber also

Standing in Solidarity [Blog]

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This is a war against innocent people: men and women who have had their homes destroyed, mothers and fathers who have watched their children die, and three generations of people who have been robbed, displaced, and are living in refugee camps with some of the worst conditions in the world. This is a war against humanity.

“But I Will Never Quit” [Blog]

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Omar Torres shares his thoughts on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

2.26.12 – Israeli Apartheid Week [Radio]

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SJP Members Danya Mustafa, Will Thompson, Becky Erickson, Julie Jaynes, and Lissie Perkal join Generation Justice to speak about the different events for this week, as well as the importance of the Palestinian movement.

UNM Students for Justice in Palestine – Audio Interview [Radio]

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Our very own Jocilyn Tafoya spoke with Becky, Lizzy and Julie about the importance of being conscious of the Israeli Occupation and the power of student activism. Here is an additional interview to the Sunday February 26th radio production of Generation Justice.

2.19.12 – New Youth and Poetry! [Radio]

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Generation Justice and the UNM Student for Justice in Palestine presented a poetry slam event featuring local community activists and Poets. Renowned Palestinian American Activist and poet Remi Kanazi was joined at the event by local activists and poets.

If You Speak Out [Blog]

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“If you speak out, speak out ethically!” Remi Kanazi eloquently stated at the Night of Poetic Justice. His stern demeanor ingrained that simple statement into my memory. In that moment, the indistinct line between subtle racism, commonly expressed as comedy in the form of stereotypes, and blatant racism had been swept away and clearly redrawn in permanent marker: racism is racism. No loopholes. No exceptions.

Equality of People

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After a few short minutes I realized I knew less about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict than I had thought. I had known that the conflict was over land that the Israelis felt a certain right to and that the land had since been divided into a Jewish and Palestinian state. I searched for a deeper history. After a few hours of research, though, it didn’t seem that I had learned a significant amount of information. Most pieces seemed one sided and discussed Zionism and Israeli issues in the conflict which I had admittedly knew more about to begin with.

What I Care About [Blog]

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I care about my parents because they are the ones who brought me to this world. They get me anything I want. They take me to my basketball games and school. They help me in everything.