1.3.16 Best of Justice Campaigns

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We share Part 2 of our 2015 Best of Generation Justice Series with you. We look back at the media justice victories of 2015 – including the FCC’s vote for both net neutrality and prison phone justice. Also, we celebrate

11.22.15 An EVENTful Year!

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Are you wondering about some some of the fun things that are happening during the holiday season? This week, we shared amazing events that truly make our wonderful home the “Land of Enchantment.” Check it out! Production Team: Hosts: Tamara

11.08.15 Fall Into November

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It’s November! Join us as we dedicate the show to sharing important events happening in our community! Whether it’s art, music, or food – we’ll be highlighting the hard work that our local organizers put into making New Mexico thrive!

10.11.15 Environmental Justice & Health Equity

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Here, on Generation Justice, we discuss health equity and what it truly looks like in New Mexico – from the climate crisis, to just being able to access healthcare resources locally. On this program, we are joined by Juntos, a climate justice organization,

How Water Helped Me Grow

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Melissa and I are standing in KOB’s studio, and there’s footage rolling of Nuestro Rio’s Youth Leadership Group in a raft, splashing and speeding down the Colorado River. There’s waves propelling them forward, and waves sloshing back onto their raft,

Are We Using Too Much Water?

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By: Jakia Fuller I feel it is important we all pay close attention to what is happening with the our water. We have a finite amount of it, yet we are using it as if we have unlimited amounts. Many

4.26.15 Water is Life [Radio]

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The Southwest recently experienced the worst drought in its history. In fact, California recently implemented water restrictions for its residents. What can New Mexico do to avoid this? And how can we ensure that our unique systems and relationships to

Our Water is Sacred

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There is a small farming town about 30 miles south of Albuquerque called Tomé. I was raised there. My house sits on dry land, just a few feet away from the easternmost ditch that carries water from the Rio Grande.

4.12.15 Sustainable Earth [Radio]

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Generation Justice hears about the University of New Mexico’s Sustainability Program and Earth Day. Sustainability Studies students talk with us about a more sustainable campus for UNM as well as waste management and environmental degradation. We also hear from Arturo