Israel’s Curious Relationship with U.S. Academia

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The Israeli and Palestinian conflict has been nothing but a cloud of explosions, blood, tears and tragedy for many years. The thousands of civilians dying in hospitals and in the streets of Gaza is nothing new. What is new is

Early Childhood Education is a Necessity, Not an Option

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Over the past couple of months with Generation Justice, I’ve learned about the incredible importance of early childhood development for New Mexico. For example, Generation Justice hosted a summer institute with workshops focusing on social justice, media analysis, and equity.

11.9.14 The Wonder of Learning [Radio]

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How does the human brain learn? We explored the possibilities of early childhood education. State Representative Mimi Stewart and the New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children’s Executive Director Baji Rankin talked about why early childhood development is

10.26.14 – Youth, Elections, and Mental Health [Radio]

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Where do you see yourself in four years? What policies or positions will impact your future? This show features, OLE’s Andrea Serrano discussing the importance of youth being involved in the electoral process. We also hear from young people about

Generation Justice speaks with UNM students about education and voting [Video]

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Generation Justice speaks to students on the University of New Mexico campus on the issues of education and about getting involved in the electoral process.

9.14.14 – Youth Forum on the School-to-Prison Pipeline [Radio]

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The US incarcerates the highest percentage of its population in the world. The majority of incarcerated individuals are people of color and the poor. How do we change this system? This show featured youth discussions from the school-to-prison pipeline forum

6.29.14 Free Press and Georgetown Journalism [Radio]

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On this show Mary Alice Crim from Free Press updates us on the latest media reform developments, and explain the threats to net neutrality. Then, Doug Mitchell and Amy Kovac-Ashley join us to talk about their intensive summer journalism class. Why would a

6.22.14 Mentorship [Radio]

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Mentors are a valuable resource to the community and can play a huge role in the lives and development of young people. This week’s show highlights the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in New Mexico by speaking with Chief

5.18.14 Education Equity [Radio]

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Congratulations recent graduates! This week’s show focuses on Education Equity. We feature Dr. Augustine Romero of the Tucson Unified School District talking about the revolutionary Social Justice Education Project that he co-founded and that was shut down by the Arizona