1.20.13 Best of 2012 Show [Radio]

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Sunday January 20th, 2013 Generation Justice aired our Best of 2012 Radio Show!

10.7.12 Education Month [Radio]

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Sunday October 7th, 2012, Generation Justice radio featured stories about Education and Bullying!
October is Bullying Prevention Month and Generation Justice has declared October Education Month!

9.9.12 – Education [Radio]

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Generation Justice interviewed teachers, mentors, and students showcasing the importance of teacher/mentor/student relationships in the classroom. Generation Justice highlighted how relationships based on compassion, caring, and motivation can positively effect a student’s education.

8.26.12 – Education and Bullying [Radio]

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Sunday August 26th, 2012, Generation Justice featured a discussion with Latino/Hispano Education Improvement Task Force, and an interview with Jesse Lopez. Adrian Carver, Richard Jojola and Dr. Diane Torres-Velasquez, joined us from the Latino Education Task Force to discuss the disparity of Latino graduation rates in New Mexico. Jesse Lopez is an amazing advocate against bullying, especially in the LGBQTI community. Jesse Spoke with Ghadah Jawad about Bullying.

Generation Justice Presents: Latino Education Task Force [Blog]

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The Latino Education Task Force Presentation that was shared at their 8.12.12 Press Conference and Rally.

Dropping In [Blog]

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A couple weeks ago I attended a two day conference hosted by three community organizations known as The Southwest Creations, Young Women United, and Partnership for Community Action. The workshops focused on the importance of constructing a strong base of counseling for high school students to pursue higher education. Specifically intended to inform high school career counselors from various high schools in Albuquerque about strategies and resources they can utilize to help and support students on their transition to higher education.

Step Up to the Plate [Blog]

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Every day, 50 students in New Mexico dropout. One of these high school dropouts could be sitting on either side of you, or scattered throughout the room. One may be a parent, or a brother. High school dropout affects all of us, no matter creed, or race. It also happens to be on the rise countrywide.

Living Their Dreams [Blog]

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High school drop out is a big deal in the United States. It’s especially a big deal here in New Mexico where only 54% of students are graduating from high school, which is below the national graduation average of 71%. I think there are many reasons on why students drop out. I believe that family issues, schools, teachers, and racism, all affect students dropping out.

Dropping In (Blog)

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I believe that if the school focused on their students more on a personal level more students would succeed. For example the Guidance counselors should provide all the students with the resources they need by providing information for teen mothers with schools that can help them.