Early Childhood Education is a Necessity, Not an Option

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Over the past couple of months with Generation Justice, I’ve learned about the incredible importance of early childhood development for New Mexico. For example, Generation Justice hosted a summer institute with workshops focusing on social justice, media analysis, and equity.

Stories about Secrets

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Whether it’s a local investigative reporting story or an international scandal, whistleblowing has always had the ability to consume my attention. For as long as I can remember I was always questioning things – seeing how a story might be

One Fight, One Love, One People: How Social Media Connects Our Common Struggles

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We live in a back-burner society: a society that has become insensitive and indifferent toward the injustices of the world. Those who depend on mainstream media to build their understanding are those who develop this back-burner mentality. One minute, an

What is love?

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If you were to look up the word “love” in the dictionary, you’ll find a generic, cliche interpretation of it. Love involves romance. Love is a white wedding dress, a perfect couple, beautiful children, and perhaps a candlelit dinner. But,

Molding the Mediascape

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On Sunday, October 19, we were in the studio preparing to go live with our Occupation & Resistance show. I was engineering for the first time, so I was geeked out trying to figure out which switches I should be

Become a Conscious People!

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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has died down in popularity among U.S. mainstream media outlets, however the conflict is far from over. Josh Ruebner is the American author of Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace, which was published in September

I am Chicana…

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“Embracing Chicana as my identity means that I will not comply and sit quietly inside of the racist box that has been created to overgeneralize and segregate my people.” On October 5th, 2014, Generation Justice aired a radio show that

Exploring Journalism and Justice


Kent Paterson is an investigative journalist who documents stories that are overwhelmingly honest, and have created a lasting impact on my perspective. He has written about police militarization, institutionalized injustice, disappearances, uprisings, poverty, and femicide on both sides of the

A Taste of Social Justice Journalism

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“This work has to be supported by the community.” – Kent Paterson Christina Rodriguez and I had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with Kent Paterson, who is an incredibly inspiring journalist. He has been working through the framework of