Agua, Tierra, y Corazón

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Rumbling down Central, alongside the blossoming trees, come two red tractors. As they pass, you can read “El Agua es la Vida” on bright blue posters. Their machines sputter, leading the chants of 200 voices: “El Agua es la Vida.”


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I never imagined hearing the words “it’s okay to be emotional” coming from a professional journalist. I always imagined the professionals were a lot different than me; completely separated from their feelings and values within their work. Maria Hinojosa proved

Protected: Fuerza

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A Fish Challenging Water

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Four years old – laying on the living room floor, and listening to my sister, Monica, singing along to MTV music videos. Through her, I also learned all the words, singing Jewel and Gwen Stefani. Ten years later, I’m getting

A Colorful History: Victory for La Gente

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Ethnic Studies programs, across the nation, are battling to exist. From the banning of books, to classes and entire curriculums disappearing, to prestigious professors getting fired, these programs have gone through incredible transitions and transformations recently. However, there have also

You Can Be a Media Maker

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Recently, I had the honor of speaking with Sut Jhally, who is a Professor of Communications at The University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation. He has been involved

The Freedom to Connect

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Millions of us have been fighting for net neutrality for almost ten years. Whether it’s protests on the streets, panel discussions, or political meetings, media activists and organizers have helped give rise to the voices of millions of internet users

Serial: A Podcast about White Privilege

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                  I downloaded Serial, week by week, just like the other five million pairs of ears who were struck by this investigative journalism phenomenon. As a podcast, it blended our favorite parts of a crime drama

A Gun In Her Purse

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Last week, the student organization UNM Young Americans for Freedom, decided that it was time for the University of New Mexico to begin the debate about gun rights on campus. They used a recent sexual assault case on on campus,