Media for All People

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Generation Justice always strives to develop my knowledge and skills. I am grateful I have met many of these leaders who have shared their wisdom with me. They have given me the confidence to continue my vision of becoming a

How New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Crisis is Impacting People All Over the State

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Many people care about it, but few people know what it is. I’m talking about the behavioral health crisis here in New Mexico, which has impacted thousands of us. Some people have serious mental illnesses. Some are struggling with addiction

Why I Protect Sacred Sites

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Recently, the movement against the construction of the keystone pipeline celebrated a victory. The news that Obama ended the deal with TransCanada brought me happiness and hope. As an Aunt and Godmother, I often worry about my nephews, nieces and

“Prepare, my girl”

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“You’re doing it wrong, Kateri!” I was 6 years old and my first grade class performed a “traditional” pueblo line dance for our school. “You do it like this,” my critic, a blonde white boy, said as he hopped from

The Power of Independent Media

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Some of the earliest memories I have include watching westerns with my family. I remember my grandmother, after a long day of work, relaxing with John Wayne. It wasn’t until I attended college at the Institute of American Indian Arts

Story vs. Stenography

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“Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable. Give voice to the voiceless.” These are words to live by. They are also taken from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. This code guides many working journalists

Practicing Respectful Representation

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Recently, I found a tool called Guiding Principles for Engaging in Research with Native American Communities. The guide’s purpose is to serve the population of researchers interested in partnering with tribal communities across the United States. As a young multimedia

Note to Self(ie)

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There is soul in the eyes of others. There is beauty in the simple lines of shadows on pavement or the oily puddles making rainbows in a parking lot. I can picture these beautiful photographs in my mind right now.

How to Be an Indian: Halloween Edition

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Why didn’t anyone tell me how to be an Indian? I had no idea I was missing the tomahawk and the beaded, neon headdress. I forgot to stand with folded arms. And why can’t I remember to speak in the