10.27.13 Disability Awareness [Radio] - Generation JusticeGeneration Justice

10.27.13 Disability Awareness [Radio]

On this last Sunday’s show we celebrated Disability Awareness! UNM hosted a Disability Awareness Day “Accessibility is for EVERYONE: Understanding “Ableism,” Redefining Disability”. We spoke with Guida Leicester and Lacey Nagar, two of the organizers, about the event. We also spoke with Generation Justice’s inspiring Victor Torres about some of the challenges he faces as a student with a disability. 

Music Featured:
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”- Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

“Break the Shell” – India.Arie

“Stand” – Rascal Flatts

“Solarize” – Desirae Harp, Fly 50, SeasunZ

“I Got You” – Jack Johnson

Production Team:

Hosts: Pauly Denetclaw and Jason Fuller

Interviewers: Jason Fuller and Pauly Denetclaw

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  1. Guida Leicester

    To Alden, Jason, Pauly and Rashad,
    A belated thanks so very much for having Lacey and me on Generation Justice a couple of weeks ago! The interview went fabulously well, and I was quite impressed with the team’s professionalism in preparing us to go on air. My own radio training many years ago was not nearly as refined. A few friends I haven’t seen in awhile heard the interview and thought it was great. Generation Justice reaches a broad audience. 🙂

    Thanks for taking such good care of us, feeding us, and giving such excellent coverage of the Disability Awareness Day event. What a tremendous boost!! Pauly, thanks for coming to the day–it was wonderful to see you there. I received my CD of the interview and will share it with family and friends.

    Thanks again!
    Guida Leicester

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